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Virtual Swing and pitch analysis

Virtual Swing and Pitch Video Analysis uses the Right View Pro, Coach’s Eye and Google Drive application to facilitate the online reviews.  It allows the coach to easily receive a video, analyze it, provide voice over feedback, illustrate points, emphasize technique, and send it back to you.  Sending videos to your coach can be done through Google Drive submittal.  In order to receive videos, you must download Google Drive (free application) and we will share analyzed videos with you through there.  It is highly recommended video is taken on the mobile device that you have downloaded your Google Drive app.

how does virtual swing / pitch analysis work?

We will provide an analyzed video with voice over feedback, a documented recap on the video analysis, list of drills to perform in order to promote future progress (video can be included if requested of recommended drills), and an optional 10 minute phone call with athlete and/or family to ask questions or receive clarity on the drill set or improvements recommended by the coach if necessary.

What is included in the feedback?

Once you have shot the video, you will upload the video directly to the shared Google Drive folder created by the coach with the email you shared with us.   After purchase, you will be sent directions on what the next steps are moving forward.  We recommend shooting videos via mobile phone.  Feedback from your coach can be expected within 5 business days of receiving your video.  The coach will send videos back via Google Drive.

How do i share video and when can i expect feedback?

Erika Smyth I Hitting

Hannah Schmoll I Hitting

Brooke Otterstatter I Pitching

Our Instructors

One-Time Swing/Pitch Analysis I $65

2 Pack Swing/Pitch Analysis I $85

4 Pack Swing/Pitch Analysis I $115

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For additional information or questions please contact our Softball Department by submitting a message below or contacting us via phone at (952) 233-7378.

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